Sunday, July 31, 2011

loving - lilac nail polish.....but ombre nails?

lilac nail polish.
ever since i saw a friend of mine wearing it recently, i have been coveting some lilac nail polish. 
love it!
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i'm not a hundred percent sure how i'm feeling about the whole ombre nails trend though.
mind you, i don't think lauren conrad makes many fashion faux pas, so i guess this look is a go. looks like waaay too much admin


i have always loved vanessa carlton's music. in an industry that is filled with little disney princesses who can hardly sing, vanessa is real and fresh and organic. you can't listen to her music without feeling it. although people seemed to forget about her after 'a thousand miles', she has continued to masterfully create incredible songs, and i envy her songwriting ability. her latest album "rabbits on a run" is inspired by richard adam's book "watership down", something i vaguely remember from my childhood memories. i find vanessa's mind fascinating and often spend time contemplating her lyrics, trying to get a small glimpse into how she thinks. nonetheless, listen to a new song of hers below and buy her music here.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

tings an' times

Back in March (when i still had what vaguely resembled a social life) my friends and I went out to Tings an' Times in Hatfield. Tings is a restaurant with a very strong Bohemian/Rastafarian vibe, which at night turns into one of the most popular venues for local gigs. You will find all types of people lurking around, from the alternative group with their skinny jeans and headbands, to old bullies who don't yet realise they're not in Varsity anymore. The menu is in the form of a newspaper called 'The Ting Times' which has controversial articles and funny facts among the available dishes. The food is tasty, mainly Mediterranean-ish, and is often served with the shape of a marihuana leaf sprinkled in curry powder on top. The decor is very rustic, with wooden chairs and tables painted bright colours and odes to Bob Marley on the walls. There is always a live show on, from well-known bands such as aKING and Isochronous to random little gems. You can check out their website here.